10Pcs New Child Baby Safe silicone Protector Table Corner Edge Protection Cover


Product Description

1. USES the top quality PVC, soft material
2.This product can prevent the baby was once sharp table Angle bruising applicable to a wide variety of furniture right Angle.
3.Before use, should clean table Angle surface.
4Tip: After the glue will also be heated with a hair dryer will be more safe (hot air)

10 pcs silicone table corner protector for baby

How to install:
1. With double-sided adhesive to table Angle three place, will table Angle pad in the right position, force pressure;
2. Need not when slight force take off, can use hot dishcloth to remaining residue can be
Instructions to be used:
1. Before use should wipe paste in dust/oil/water, and so forth. With the intention to keep the furring clean.
2. Sstrip tape on the isolation paper, firm pressure in the paste.
3. After 24 hours after sticky tape adhesion will completely curing and cement.
(do not in just when they try to drag on, this will impact tape viscosity)
4. do not touch adhesive surface.

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